Michelle Obama: “A million Obamas? I had no idea Barack wanted more kids.”


When asked about his post presidential plans, former president Barack Obama promptly stated that main goal is to “create a million young Barack Obama’s.”

Sources assume this can only mean that Barack is planning to take the cause of  conformity and collectivism of socialism to the next level of extremism…using himself as “patient zero.” During an interview, he reasoned that if he literally creates a million little “Baracks, he will be like Jesus by “making everyone in his image.”

What he meant by this is unclear. However, sources speaking exclusively to Treason Daily on the condition of anonymity  actually believe his real plans involve simply having one million more children, putting him in closer company to infamous Mongol warlord, Genghis Khan.

That would explain former First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s response to her husband’s statements. Following the interview, she told reporters “A million Obamas? I had no idea Barack wanted more kids. This is literally the first I’ve heard about it.”

Other sources speculate about a secret partnership between George Soros, the deep state, and Planned Parenthood to harvest a generation of socialist voters via cloning. Planned Parenthood already has an exclusive deal with various criminal enterprises distributing body parts of aborted humans, although this operation took a major blow with the the crackdown on The Silk Road.

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