Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Who needs the 4th Amendment when you have a ‘Super-Special’ FISA counsel!?”


The federal government’s unwarranted spying and data collection program under the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act has raised concerns on both sides of the aisle, but especially from GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz.

However, Rep. Gaetz has taken a slightly different approach to fighting these abuses than many of his like-minded colleagues. Instead of opposing the reauthorization of  the program a few months ago, he actually helped pass it, ensuring at least another six years of what many call an unconstitutional abuse of Americans’ rights.

But the Florida congressman has a solution: a “super-duper-extra-special counsel” tasked with investigating reports of abuse of this nearly limitless power for the government to spy on just about anyone they want without rhyme or reason.

He has been on news outlets everyday without fail for two months selling his idea, insisting that because the counsel  would “extra special” there is zero chance that Members of Congress will abuse their power and continue warrantless spying and data collection.

“It’s literally fool-proof!” said Gaetz.

When asked if it wouldn’t have been easier to simply refuse to reauthorize a program he felt was so ripe for abuse, Rep. Gaetz said “right, but then I wouldn’t be able to campaign on both sides of the issue. Jesus, use your brain.”

Written by Mitch McCain

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