Here at (T)reason, we have one overarching philosophy that governs everything we do: We’re all going to die and nothing we do matters. We think it shows in our work, and we’re proud of the horrifically mediocre and depressing product we’re able to offer our readers.

Everyone, and we mean everyone, will abandon their most fundamental principles and beliefs the instant they become socially inconvenient or unprofitable. Now, many of us in this pathetic excuse of a species we call “humanity” like to pretend that isn’t true. We like to run around, kicking and screaming when our preferred politician or celebrity undermines everything they claimed to believe in, all in the pursuit of power, popularity, money, or in the name of our lord and master Cthulhu.

But at the end of the day, we’re all just walking, talking sacks of meat, cursed with just enough intelligence to write music, paint, and invent elastic waistbands, but not enough to see how insignificant it is that your feelings got hurt at a comedy show.

So, while we navigate this cruel world, we at (T)reason are dedicated to reminding everyone that nothing they do matters, and it’s all quite hilarious to watch.